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The Rosette Nebula in Rainbow SHOM31Leos TripletsM51 The Whirlpool GalaxyMarkarians Galaxy Chain in the VirgoThe Tadpole NebulaHelix Nebula NGC 7293Comet ZTF Feb. 11/23M27 CloseupM27 Wide FieldThe Crescent Nebula NGC 6888Pillars in the PelicanEastern Veill NebulaNorth American and Pelican Nebula starlessBubble Nebula closeupBubble nebula and M5NGC 6960 VeilM42The Shark NebulaIC 5416 The Cocoon Nebula

Guestbook for Terry Adrian
Steve Tambosso(non-registered)
Well Terry... first off, I will say, "great job" on the work in astro-photography you have presented in the Okanagan website. I'm a 62 year old life long photographer myself but admittedly not (yet) skilled in the art of astro-photography. As a five year old child I can vividly remember running into the library of my elementary school in Scarborough, (Toronto), Ontario and I would grab the lone astronomy book therein and gaze upon the images of the Horse head nebula and the other fantastic celestial images in astronomy in that little library. When I was in my mid twenties in the mid 80's I bought myself a used Celestron 8" S.C.T. with a few crappy eyepieces and I made no effort to ever learn to use properly let alone use it for astro-photography because at that time everything was film based and that was simply far too extreme for my then abilities. I didn't known how to collimate an S.C.T. let alone even know what collimation was so I think you can guess the quality of what I was seeing. Anyway... let's skip forward to now... 2022 (almost), and I can happily report that I have now purchased (almost... pending when it finally arrives) a Celestron 14" Edge S.C.T,... AND... a Stellarvue SVX 130T refractor. Yes... both. To complimen botht those O.T.A.'s I have five Televue Eyepieces and a ZWO ASI 6200MC D.S.O. camera and a ZWO ASI294 planetary camera. I also have a handful of accessories like a ZWO off axis guide scope and an ASI Air plus and a French made atmospheric dispersion corrector for it all. As I've been waiting since April 16th when I purchased (and paid for) the Celestron O.A.T. to arrive (if it ever does) I've been doing a hell of a lot of reading on astro-photography to learn how to accomplish this type of imaging. Seeing as you live in west-bank and I live in upper mission (as of August 11th this year) I hope to meet up with you some time in the coming year and pick your brain on how to achieve some great images. I look forward to that opportunity. Oh... and by the way.... in case you would like to see some of my non astro-photography work I invite you to visit my website of photographic images at: Once again.... great job on your images and I hope to meet up with some time in 2022.
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