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What is this?

What is this?

Hello All

Friend of mine has been a passenger jet pilot for 33 years and for the first time he has contacted me with an observation of something he could not identify.
Maybe someone has a thought as what this could have been?
May 6th 4:22 UTC
From a passenger airplane at 40,000 feet flying east to west, observation at 49N 95W (Winnipeg airspace)
Comet-like object, multi-tail or “wake” that remained stable during the 40 degree passage across the sky.
object was approximately 5-degrees in length,
observed for 3-minutes,
First seen at 40-degrees elevation (looking out the right side of the cockpit, or right of centre line) the object was observed for 3 minutes until disappearance at the northern horizon.

Comments from the pilot:
"The Wake stayed very consistent from what we could see and did not see any movement"
"I was talking to another pilot at a seminar today and he saw the same thing and was just ahead of us and said it was an amazing display."
"The weird thing for both of us (from the cockpit) was how slow it moved and how long it’s stayed in view”
"Three other aircraft commented how spectacular it was… the area controller”
"like no meteor I’ve ever seen before or satellite or space station”
"I’ve seen a lot of stuff in my 33 years flying over all the various oceans and hemisphere at altitude but nothing like this”

In the image top left is refection of cockpit lights