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Soft Aurora over Vernon & Coldstream 2016-09-28Moon rising over Kal Lake Hwy 97 OutlookNorth view towards Vernon from Oyama, Hwy 97Kelowna light pollution from Bailey RoadMilky Way from my deckCommonage at Thompson LakeWinstars 2 ISON MarkerVenus under the Pleiades M45 ClusterVenus Daytime OccultationThree Comet PanoramaThe Moon more properly exposed 2013-07-15Sunspot GroupingSunspot Group 1429 Afocal 2012-03-07Sunspot 1429 on 2012-03-09Sun on Predator RidgeStonehenge Replica at Maryhill WAStonehenge ReplicaSearch For ISON on 01 Nov 2013Saturn, the Moon and Spica on 2013-07-15Okanagan &West Coast at Night