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Photos of Moon, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn - Apr 12-13, 2014
Start of the eclipse Aug 21-2017Start of the eclipse Aug 21-2017 through the telescopeAlmost eclipseThe actual eclipceEnd of the eclipceDirect photo from cameraDirect photo from camera f/11 1/30 sec, ISO-100Mercury passes Sun May 9-2016Mercury passes Sun May 9-2016, f/4, 1/125 sec, 2.75 max aperatureMercury passes Sun May 9-2016Venus-Jupiter-Mars Oct 25-2015Venus-Jupiter-Mars Oct 23-2015 4:30am Eastern horizonVenus-Jupiter-Mars Oct 23-2015Cappela constelation Estern horizon @OO Oct 23-2015constelation big dipper @OO Oct 23-2015Moon @Oct 23-2015Moon Oct 23-2015Moon @OO Oct 23-2015Moon eclipse Sep 27-2015Moon eclipse Sep 27-2015