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M44 Open Star Cluster 24.5 min with star diffraction maskingM44 Unprocessed to ProcessingFull Moon Rising Through Cloud Over Vernon MountainCassiopeia Area 4 x 2 min From Merritt Star QuestPerseus Rising Over Christina Lake MountainsNGC 6885, NGC 6882 in Vulpecula the FoxSadr area of Cygnus 78 min reprocessed with NICSadr area of Cygnus 78 min with equal darksMercury Transit May 9 2016Horsehead and Flame Nebulas in OrionWaning Moon Rising Over the Aberdeen PlateauVersion 2 of M42-43 Orion Nebula1st Version of M42-M43 Orion NebulaNorth America & Pelican NebulasBlue Moon Rising Near the Blue Nose, Vernon BCLeo Galaxy Triplet M66, M65, NGC3628C/2014 Q2 on Feb 21/15. Little Dumbell Nebula in top left corner.Partial Solar Eclipse With Huge SunspotsM45 the PleiadesM27 Dumbbell Nebula